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STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database

When it comes to your heart health, trust the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD) for top-notch cardiac care. With 1085+ participating centers, representing 90%-95% of US adult cardiac surgery hospitals, it’s the go-to resource for improving outcomes. At Cardiac Registry Support, we offer unparalleled insights and support through the ACSD.

Empowering Better Cardiac Care

The Adult Cardiac Surgery Database is not just a database; it's a beacon of hope for cardiac patients everywhere!

Importance of STS ACSD

The Society of Thoracic Surgery database is dedicated to using clinical data to enhance cardiac surgical outcomes. By leveraging data from a vast network of participating centers, we ensure that cardiac health is monitored and improved across the nation.
  • Data Aggregation: This service collects clinical data from over 1085 participating centers, offering a comprehensive view of cardiac surgical outcomes.
  • Informed Decision Making: Provides insights for evidence-based decision-making in patient care and treatment strategies.
  • Benchmarking: Enables comparison of performance metrics against national averages, fostering continuous quality improvement.
  • Research Support: It serves as a valuable resource for researchers, contributing to advancements and innovation in cardiac surgery.
  • Standardization: Encourages standardization of care practices across institutions, ensuring consistent, high-quality patient care.
  • Surveillance: Monitors trends and patterns in cardiac health on a national scale, facilitating proactive responses to emerging issues.

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Ready to make a difference in cardiac care? Contact us now to learn how you can participate in CRS’s STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database and contribute to our mission to improve cardiac care.

Explore STS Registries

Explore the wealth of information available within the STS Registries. These resources provide invaluable insights for healthcare professionals to enhance patient outcomes and drive advancements in cardiac care.

Cardiac Registry Support

Adult Cardiac Surgery with Anesthesia module

It focuses on data collection for adult cardiac surgeries performed under anesthesia, such as bypass surgeries, valve replacements, and heart transplants. This data offers insights into surgical techniques, patient outcomes, and perioperative care. It aids healthcare providers in optimizing treatment strategies and improving patient outcomes.

Cardiac Registry Support

General Thoracic Surgery

This registry collects data on surgeries for lung cancer, esophageal disorders, and mediastinal tumors. It tracks outcomes and complications, supporting quality improvement and research efforts while enhancing patient care protocols in thoracic surgery.

Cardiac Registry Support


It collects data on mechanical circulatory support devices, such as VADs and total artificial hearts. It monitors usage and outcomes, guiding clinical decisions and advancing heart failure management. Intermacs data supports research to improve device design, patient selection, and outcomes for those with advanced heart failure.

Cardiac Registry Support

Shine a Light on Cardiac Health

With the Society of Thoracic Surgery database, we provide an opportunity to shine a light on cardiac health. By participating in our database, healthcare providers contribute to the advancement of cardiac care and help shape future treatment protocols.

Our Mission: Your Heart, Our Priority

At Cardiac Registry Support, our mission is simple yet profound: to use clinical data to drive positive change in cardiac surgical outcomes. Join us in our quest to elevate cardiac care and improve patient outcomes nationwide.