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Cardiac Registry Support
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Cardiac Registry Support provides professional and accurate data abstraction, entry, and submission services supporting all the NCDR/ACC® registries, AHA–GWTG®, Core Measures, STS™ registries, and so much more. We work with you to develop a service agreement to fit your organization’s unique needs all while staying within your budget, which may include data abstraction, auditing, robotic process automation, data analytics, and education. Whether it’s a specific task or a long-term partnership, we’re here to help you.

Cost-Efficient Services From Cardiac Registry Support

Outsourcing cardiac registry services has proven results. Our registry solutions contribute to the success of your service line, allowing for greater financial stability and higher quality of care within your organization.

We are proud of maintaining our average 97.3% IRR in all registries in 2023.

Cardiac Registry Support


CRS supports over 25 clinical data registries with a focus on HIPAA-compliant data abstraction as regulated by registry-specific guidelines to ensure timely submission.

Cardiac Registry Support


CRS strives for 98% IRR for abstraction services, and because of this drive for excellence, CRS also audits 100 of hospitals on behalf of prestigious organizations, such as Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Cardiac Registry Support


Using the power of our expertise in auditable proven results we combine this with artificial intelligence to create robotic process automation procedures to dramatically reduce resource-consuming repetitive tasks. Our goal is to offload data burden to allow facilities to focus on patient-centered quality of care efforts.

Cardiac Registry Support


We create extensive, advanced algorithms that reveal trends in metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information.

Cardiac Registry Support


Cardiac Registry Support can help educate your existing staff on how to accurately and efficiently abstract your clinical data registries, including how to conduct a self-audit to ensure reliable, actionable data.

Partnerships with our clients are strengthened through our relationships, reliability, and expertise. Our ability to support clients with data services ensures that facilities can focus on patient care and enhancing patient outcomes.

Our packages are flexible and adapt to meet your specific needs.

Timing is everything.

Working closely with your internal IT, delivering fast implementations to ensure your data goals are met.